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; Thursday, July 29, 2010
You left me with a hug, and I was left with a broken heart.


I think there's no word in the Universe to describe how sad I am. 12 days? Without you for 12 days? Without you for 1 day is already hard enough. I just can't stand being away from you. Almost every morning of the week you would be the first person I see. First person I talk to. And I can't imagine it all gone. Just like that. For such a long time. I miss you from the day you told me you were going. So can you imagine how much I miss you right now? If I could I would stop the world and stop time to this afternoon. To get back those moments. When there was just. You. and. Me. I would be perfectly content. I really want to hug you tight. And never let go. Ever. I don't want to let you go. I want you to stay with me. Right by my side. In approximately, 8 hours, we would be 5315.37 km apart. A distance I wouldn't mind covering if I could so that I could just see you face. Even for that split second. I don't know whether I can take it. Being apart from you. It's going to be hard. Very hard. I just hope I wouldn't cry. But now I know, in 13 days time, we would both be staring at each other. And we could be together again. Well, I'm that, like what you said, your heart will always be with you. But it isn't enough. I want you. No. I need you. I will still have my friends but without you it wouldn't be perfect no more. No contact. For 12 days. At least when you went to Paris, you could use your computer and I could text you. But now I can't. I really want to cope with these 12 days as soon as possible. Let it just fly by, even though I know it's impossible. I'm going to remember and treasure this afternoon a lot. The moment we shared. One of the best times I have even had.
I love you. Superman. And I miss you. Truckloads.


; Wednesday, July 28, 2010
I'm content with life. But sometimes I just can't take the shit that is thrown towards me. I want to just step aside and let it fly pass me. But I know it will come back to me. So. I face it. Complications. Life is full of them. You can either chose to accept it, deny it, fix it or don't care about it. It's just the way you look at it. I think that life doesn't have to be complicated. But is we, ourselves, forging it that way. Life is simple, short and supposed to be enjoy. But we human enjoy bending it creating complications in our lifes. Instead of pause for that short moment, looking around and say 'Wow, life is just amazing.' We should not take for granted of what have right now. However, we are all still humans. We aren't perfect. We all have our flaws. But denying them isn't the way to go. We should always try to fix them. Haiz... I know that my life is very good. Good parents, good life, nice friends, can do we I like and all, but sometimes, sometimes, I crave for more or easily get angry at little little things. But I've always been fixing my problem. If you meet me 3 years ago you would know. I love life. And sometimes I think I'm really blessed. I thank everyone around me for that. But I still hate that part of me. The part where I sometimes can't control my emotions.

FUCK HER. Fucking bitch. Always throw my things without asking. FUCK HER LA. Retarded. Not first time liao. 3 times already. How about if I do it to you huh? I throw your things, how fucking happy would you feel? I don't think you would be. I'm a person too. I have feelings. If I keep it it would mean something to me right. No brain. You do have any fucking idea how that fucking thing fucking mean to me? It fucking means a lot okay. I really want to screw you. I seriously want to cry right now. That thing is so precious to me. It has sentimental value. Bitch face.

; Monday, July 26, 2010
To some bitch:
Who do you think you are? Have authority? Doubt so. True power is from the people. Whether they want to follow you. And as you, yourself, knows no one cares about you. Please look around. When you demand something no one even cares. You say you won't change who you are, but take a look at yourself. You can see all your flaws. At least I'm trying to fix mine. Unlike you that continues to think that you shouldn't change for other people. But have you thought that if you change, it would be for yourself. For the better. Don't think you're such a big shot. You're a bitch. No. A mega bitch. Because everyone's a bitch. I know I might have an attitude problem sometimes but if you're human you should understand it happens to anyone and everyone. I don't understand what guys see in you. Do you have strong points? Your studies aren't the best, you're unreasonable strict at times that aren't needed and you aren't the best-looking person around. I'm totally not saying I am any of those but seriously. Why do guys like you? It's a theory I would never understand. And are you dumb? I think you are. Cause after I blew my top I tried making peace with you however you didn't. So is it totally my fault then? All I have to say is. You're the pot calling the kettle black.


; Monday, July 5, 2010


; Tuesday, June 29, 2010
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