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; Monday, July 26, 2010
To some bitch:
Who do you think you are? Have authority? Doubt so. True power is from the people. Whether they want to follow you. And as you, yourself, knows no one cares about you. Please look around. When you demand something no one even cares. You say you won't change who you are, but take a look at yourself. You can see all your flaws. At least I'm trying to fix mine. Unlike you that continues to think that you shouldn't change for other people. But have you thought that if you change, it would be for yourself. For the better. Don't think you're such a big shot. You're a bitch. No. A mega bitch. Because everyone's a bitch. I know I might have an attitude problem sometimes but if you're human you should understand it happens to anyone and everyone. I don't understand what guys see in you. Do you have strong points? Your studies aren't the best, you're unreasonable strict at times that aren't needed and you aren't the best-looking person around. I'm totally not saying I am any of those but seriously. Why do guys like you? It's a theory I would never understand. And are you dumb? I think you are. Cause after I blew my top I tried making peace with you however you didn't. So is it totally my fault then? All I have to say is. You're the pot calling the kettle black.


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